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Client News: KaDSci

KaDSci recently won significant prize money from the Intelligence Advanced Research Project Activity (IARPA) for developing and applying an advanced forecasting technique in IARPA’s recent Geopolitical Forecasting Competition.  The six-month long contest required KaDSci to predict future events sooner and more accurately than dozens of other competitors.  The forecasting questions ranged from things like predicting commodity prices and military activity to election outcomes around the world.  The technique they developed is an original “hybrid” combination of artificial intelligence and human expert judgment.  KaDSci’s team was led by Dr. Chris Karvetski out of UVA, with key support from Dr. Anamaria Berea who is on the faculty here at GMU.  Their collective success has already resulted in call backs to IARPA and DARPA for discussions about future research projects.  Additionally, KaDSci is working to develop a commercial variant of the capability.  If you want to learn more, contact Dr. Dan Maxwell ([email protected]) or Dr. Chris Karvetski ([email protected] ).