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8 April 2020

News, Past Events

MEC Webinar with Talmar Anderson

Webinar with Talmar Anderson Bossing Success for Remote Teams: Thursday, April 9th 10:00 am Regardless of whether you work with vendors, independent contractors or employees, you must step up your game to keep people engaged, productive and caring about your business – even…
8 October 2018


Client News: Visionary

Visionary Consulting Partners wins USAID contract Visionary, an MEC-Fairfax client, won a USAID follow-on contract to oversee the Agency’s credit programs, including legacy programs and the Development Credit Authority (DCA). DCA uses partial credit guarantees to mobilize…
8 October 2018


Client News: FedWriters

FedWriters on Inc’s 500 list, wins $24.5 million NOAA contract From 2014 to 2017, FedWriters’ revenue grew an astonishing 2,144%, and from 1 employee to more than 45.  FedWriters provides a range of communication and publication services for various…