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Client News: Gallant Gold Media

MEC Fairfax client, Noreen Wise, owner of Gallant Gold Media, is proud to announce that her company has signed a major partnership with a North Dakota rancher who agreed to contribute 45 acres to plant a forest in remembrance of those we have lost to COVID 19 pandemic. Gallant Gold will be turning Ponderosa Pines Ranch forest into an educational opportunity, teaching students and adults how to grow a forest, in the age of Green Up, as the U.S. strives to reach Paris Agreement targets.

Educating the public is one of the seven major aspects of the Paris Agreement. Gallant Gold Media will be turning this initiative into an educational opportunity, teaching students and the general public about how to grow a forest and soil health.

The Fairfax City grant and MEC mentors were instrumental in this helping Gallant Gold win this contract. Noreen Wise has taken advantage of the many mentoring opportunities provided by the MEC and worked with several in-house experts, Mary Schroeder  (marketing), Gary Grenter (strategy and management), Bob LeMay(tax and accounting), who were all critical in guiding her through this process.